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Hives, Histamine and Vitamin D

Urticaria is a disorder of the skin commonly referred to as “hives”.  It is a skin rash notable for pale red, raised, itchy bumps that also can cause a burning or stinging sensation. There are several classifications of urticaria depending on how it presents, as well as the duration of the rashes.  In simple terms […]

Urticaria Hives

Genetic engineerring

Nutrigenomics – The Future of Personalized Diets

Thirty-five years ago the word  ‘jeans’ had a much different lay person meaning than its homograph counterpart, ‘genes’ of today.  (Remember the “Designer Jeans” of the 70’s?  Bonjour Action!  Every time my 1-year-old leaves the phone off the hook and I hear that ‘fast busy’ I think of those odd commercials.) The pace of technology […]

Cracking the Egg and Cholesterol Myth

I still have patients tell me they’re avoiding egg yolks because of the amount of cholesterol and the danger of heart disease. This is unfortunate, because egg yolks are very nutritious, and there is little evidence of any correlation between eggs and heart disease. A just released study has debunked the “eggs and cardiovascular risk” myth once […]