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The Effects of Processed Foods

Yesterday I watched a phenomenal webinar on the effects of food chemicals and child behavior. It was entitled “Driven to Distraction: Food, chemicals and child behavior” and hosted by an organization that is worth knowing, Healthy Food Action.   The webinar was recorded and they promise to have it up soon, once they do I’ll post […]

GMO Food Failures

I specialize in food sensitivities where certain foods and chemicals are tested for a loss of oral tolerance (a fancy way of saying food sensitivity).   I’ve seen certain chemicals cause headaches in people.  Today I had a patient that determined by a methodical food challenge/washout process that she can eat a non-organic apple only […]


Olive Oil – Extra Virgin and Beyond

When buying olive oil I often wondered how there could be so many brands at such different prices.   If you go into Whole Foods the unit price cost per gallon can vary dramatically.  Trader Joe’s sells its ‘organic extra-virgin’ olive oil quite inexpensively.     In addition, one can see distinct color variations between oils in clear […]