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EWG Releases New Produce Shopper's Guide

The Environmental Working Group has released the new shopper’s guide.   They have a “Dirty Dozen” produce items that need to be purchased organic and “clean 15” that have low residues of pesticides.  I was surprised to see corn as #2 on the “Clean 15” list since any non-organic corn is […]


The Health Impact of Sugar

We all collectively pay a high price for the glutton of sugar fed to us through marketing.  The sugar addiction starts with children and it may even start sooner with infant formulas. The worst offender is fructose, especially the high fructose corn syrup which is known to cause non-alcoholic fatty […]

Watercress – A Powerful Chemopreventive

It is widely knows that the phytonutrient known as isothiocyanates have powerful anti-cancer effects.   Isothiocyanate are found in mustard, horseradish, and onions to name a few.  It is what gives the herb its powerful biting taste.    However another anti-cancer phytonutrient that doesn’t get as much attention is phenethyl ITC […]

Fruits and Vegetables Do Reduce Cancer Risk

There is a new study out of Harvard by the well respected Walter Willett that is making headlines. I’ve seen some headlines say “Fruits and Vegetables Do Not Reduce Cancer Risk” or “Eating Vegetables Does Not Stop Cancer” which is incorrect at best. The headlines is not what this study […]