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Medical Nutritional Therapy

I often hear these questions:
• What should I eat?
• What foods should I avoid?
• Are the foods I’m eating causing my symptoms?
• Are the supplements I’m taking worth my money?
• What supplements should I take and in what dosages?
• How long should I take these supplements?

Truth be told our bodies change with time, they change depending on our current state of health and they change with the seasons.   So the answers to the above questions will change with time.  My job is to understand you so you can find physiological balance through diet.

At our first meeting we will discuss your health history and your current health concerns in great detail.  I will utilize your diet history, a nutritional assessment form, lab testing, Chinese Medicine diagnosis, and plenty of discussion to best assess your health. This combination helps uncover physiological imbalances and assists in painting a clearer picture of what nutritional approaches would serve you best. One type of nutrition does not fit everyone. We are all individuals. Some folks do great as a vegetarian; some folks need to eat meat; for many a Mediterranean type diet will serve them well. In addition, different phases of life require a different diet, such as pregnancy and breast-feeding.

You will be given dietary recommendations and possibly supplement/herbal or other lifestyle recommendations to directly address your concerns. All recommendations are individualized and unique to each person. Subsequent visits vary from every other week to every 2+ months, as each person is given different treatment plans.   The goal is that you see measurable progress in how you are feeling.

I am trained in Functional Nutrition and still use some aspects of that training such as cross referencing standard blood work from Quest.  Occasionally I’ll order from a specialty lab but hardly do that any longer as that can get very expensive for people.  I see people come in with stack of testing results from blood, stool, hormone etc with no focus on what is important data.   I find it a very ‘gunshot’ approach as it is not how I work.

Instead I do a detailed oral history intake.  I look at whatever labs have been run.  But most importantly I’ll use my Chinese Medicine skills to palpate the abdomen, use tongue and pulse diagnosis and other Chinese Medicine diagnosis methods. (In this age of Covid the initial intake is done via Zoom and then I often have a patient come in for a physical exam if possible)


At your first nutrition appointment please bring with you:

  1. Diet and Symptom Form or download a smartphone app such as Ideally 7 days of diet history.
  2. Symptom Survey (Word format) (PDF format)
  3. Health History Questionnaire
  4. Any testing that you have had done in the past 2 years. (blood, urine, stool, saliva, skin prick testing etc). You can request copies from your PCP or they can fax it to me at 866 709 1684.
  5. All supplements you are currently taking.




I am a Preferred Nutritional Provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Aetna


*“George possesses profound practical knowledge about the body’s complex systems as well as a deep intuitive wisdom that enables him to identify the root of a person’s imbalance.”Amy H, Personal Chef and Triathlete, Newton, MA

This ability to diagnose properly, combined with skill in acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and a vast and current knowledge of nutrition, create a dynamic healing combination.

For a consultation, call 978-461-2001 or contact me via the online contact form.
*These testimonials do not imply that similar results will happen for you by using our services. The testimonials displayed in the text are shown verbatim and in their full length and no compensation was received in return.

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