Monthly Archives: February 2008

Headaches may really be Gut-aches

For my most challenging cases I use blood work to determine a patient’s food sensitivities and then give the patient a 6 phase diet of using the least reactive foods then adding the more reactive foods as we go on. The patients that benefit the most are the ones that […]

Artificial Sweetners Linked to Weight Gain

Turns out that lab rats reaching for the can of Diet Coke may gain more weight than those reaching for the Coke Classic. In a study done at Purdue researchers compared glucose sweetened ‘foods’ to saccharin sweetened ‘foods’. They concluded that the artificial sweeteners make it more difficult to control […]

Chocolate is not sinful, but have it be on the dark side

Another study was released showing that chocolate is good for the heart. Good for the soul too! But for smart nutrition make sure it is dark chocolate. This study used 70%, but I’d go even further, why get the extra sugar? I’d also suggest organic chocolate because then it doesn’t […]