Monthly Archives: January 2009

Vegetable Consumption During Pregnancy Beneficial To Fetal Growth

In a mother-infant cohort study involving mothers and 787 infants, results indicate a beneficial effect of maternal vegetable consumption during pregnancy on fetal growth. Fruit and vegetable consumption during pregnancy was assessed using a food frequency questionnaire. Women who ate the fewest vegetables were significantly more likely to have infants […]

The Side Effects of Statins

Whenever anyone calls me for acupuncture because they have numbness or muscle fatigue, the first question I always ask is “Are you on a statin drug?”. If the answer is yes then the next question is “How long have you been on the statin” and “When did your symptoms appear”. […]

Nutriceuticals Slow Progression of Early Alzheimer's.

A study that used a private label supplements examined whether it can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. “We examined the efficacy of a vitamin/nutriceutical formulation (folate, vitamin B6, alpha-tocopherol, S-adenosyl methionine, N-acetyl cysteine, and acetyl-L-carnitine) in a 12-month, open-label trial with 14 community-dwelling individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Participants improved […]