Acupuncture Insurance and Fees

Typical Acupuncture Treatment

My treatments incorporate more than just acupuncture as I am most interested in empowering my patients to get well quickly.  Because of the comprehensive nature of treatments patients usually come in only about 1x/week for acute conditions.

My acupuncture sessions consists of 2 rounds of needles. Patients receive a treatments while supine (face up) and a treatment while prone (face down). Your private room acupuncture sessions last about 1- 1.25 hours. In addition other therapies are often employed to support the acupuncture sessions for better outcomes:

  • Soft tissue massage (neck, shoulders, back) if appropriate
  • Mild TENS stimulation if appropriate
  • Moxabustion if appropriate
  • Brief review of blood chemistry to uncover potential nutrition imbalances
  • Supplement or herbal suggestions
  • Lifestyle suggestions

The initial session is typically 1.5 hours depending on complexity of your case.Your initial Acupuncture session includes a shorter treatment and a review of current medical condition and medical history.


Health Insurance Coverage

Massachusetts Insurance plans:  A few insurance plans do reimburse for acupuncture.  I am a preferred acupuncture provider for Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealth Care, Harvard Pilgrim, BCBS, AllWays, and Mass Health (Tufts, BMC, Fallon, AllWays) so I will submit a claim directly to your insurance carrier if your policy covers your condition  .

You are financially responsible for copayments and deductibles imposed by your insurance carrier.


Please call your insurance company and ask if acupuncture is covered as well as acceptable conditions for coverage. Most insurances do not pay for acupuncture as 80% of patients pay out of pocket fees below. Some insurance plans impose treatment restrictions such as limiting the number of treatments and/or the conditions treated. Please be sure to check on them so there are no surprises.


Fee for Service Cost:   For those without acupuncture insurance coverage we offer a prompt pay discount which includes the insurance company discounts.  These are reduced by over 30% from standard insurance billing.  The fee is $75/treatment in the Stow office and $85/treatment in the Cambridge office.  Initial standard sessions are $95 and $105 respectively.  Package of 10 treatments for fertility are also offered for an 18% discount.

Flex spending HSA Cards:

Your pre-tax health Flex Spending Account (FSA) can be used to pay for acupuncture sessions. If your employer issued a an FSA Debit card we take those for your convenience. If you do not have a flex spending card we will provide you with a Superbill you can submit to your plan administrator.

Workman’s Compensation and Automobile PIP Insurance:

We will bill the auto insurance company or Workman’s Compensation and send them appropriate documentation.


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