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Organic Foods Are Not Grown Equally

[tc-my-thumb]I first became acutely aware of “organic” produce in 1989 while in grad school at BU. I’d shop at the old Boston Food Co-Op on Cambridge Street Allston where they had a the display of organic vegetables and bulk dry goods. The truth is that the veggies did not always […]



Stress and Short Term Memory

The prefrontal cortex is the part of our brain that deals with so called ‘executive function’. It is responsible for our working memory, or short term memory. For example someone gives you a 10 digit phone number and how long you can recall that number is a reflection of how your […]

How “Safe” are BPA-free plastics? 2

Most Plastics Have Hormone Disruptors The initial motivation to write a blog post about plastics and health effects was because of this recent article regarding the harmful chemicals in food packaging.: “Potential cellular changes caused by [packaging] with the capacity to disrupt hormones, are not even being considered in routine […]