Vitamin D

Healthier Way to Strong Bones

For many years alternative MDs and practitioners have been against the use of a class of drugs known as bisphosphonates for improving bone density. The most popular bisphosphonates is Fosamax. The bones in our body are constantly breaking down and reforming. It is said by some that every 7 years […]

Vitamin D Shown to Reduce Flu in School Children

For a few years now I’ve always taken Vitamin D during the winter and felt it helped reduce the incidence and severity of colds I would get.   Now a study just published shows that giving vitamin D to school children reduced the incidence of influenza.   We should all be having […]

The Importance of Adequate Vitamin D

More than a decade ago (even just a few years ago) alternative MDs that used supplements and suggested patients take Vitamin D above the RDA of 400IU/day were called quacks.    The inaccurate ‘truth’ stated over and over again is that above 400IU/day you can get Vitamin D toxicity.   

Don’t Be Afraid of Sunlight!

I know so many friends, especially ones with young kids, that have such a fear of sunlight. We need sun and it is my belief that children need to be in the sun, not coated with chemicals that are toxic and cause cancer! Yes sunscreen can cause cancer because we […]