Acupuncture Is A Cost-Effective Healthcare Option

The lack of acupuncture coverage by insurance companies in Massachusetts at best disappointing.  Very few companies actually cover acupuncture treatments.  I know I save insurance companies  tens of thousands each year.  I have little doubt that my acupuncture colleagues in Massachusetts in total save insurance companies many millions.   We […]

Acupuncture Reduces Medication During Hip Replacement

See: Clin J Pain. 2011 Mar-Apr;27(3):262-7. The effect of auricular acupuncture on fentanyl requirement during hip arthroplasty: a randomized controlled trial. Wetzel B, Pavlovic D, Kuse R, Gibb A, Merk H, Lehmann C, Wendt M, Usichenko TI. Departments of *Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine †Orthopedic Surgery, Ernst Moritz Arndt University, […]

Acupuncture For Chronic Neck Pain

Acupuncture is a very effective therapy for chronic pain conditions. However treatments must be on a regular basis which is the downside. The upside is that it is most likely a better option than drugs which carry various ‘side effects’ and many which can harm the liver. The ‘side effects’ […]

Stimulation of Acupuncture Point Improves Gait in Elderly

Below is the abstract of a recent research article that stimulating a certain acupuncture point GB-34 known as “Yang Ling Quan” (translated loosely to Yang Mound Spring) helped improve gait in the elderly. It was a randomized control trial which is what makes it a bit more interesting. Stimulating one […]

Acupuncture for Pediatrics

Good Morning America ran a story this morning about pediatric acupuncture. They visited my friend Sue Harris’ acupuncture center in Stoughton and with Fae Kontje-Gibbs the attending acupuncturist who also shares an office with me in Cambridge.