With Psoriasis You Need to Look at Digestion

There is a saying ‘that it is only skin deep’.   But really the skin is very often a reflection of digestive health.   In Chinese Medicine the skin is a reflection of the Lungs organ system and the Lungs are paired with the Large Intestine organ system.   For example asthmatic reactions […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Sunlight!

I know so many friends, especially ones with young kids, that have such a fear of sunlight. We need sun and it is my belief that children need to be in the sun, not coated with chemicals that are toxic and cause cancer! Yes sunscreen can cause cancer because we […]

What's On My Food?

A great website for determining the pesticide load on foods and what foods to by organic is called “What’s On My Food”. From the website: What’s On My Food? is designed to allow you a deep look into the USDA PDP results, linked up with all the information on pesticides that […]

Important Movie "Food Inc." This Summer

An important movie is coming out this summer. Along the theme of Michael Pollan’s books, The Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Botany of Desire this movie looks at what really happens to most conventionally packaged and grown food in this country. Watch the trailer here: In Health George Mandler