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It has been known for years that those plastic containers we all used as a kid are full of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors or xenohormones. Did you ever put that Tupperware of pasta and sauce in the microwave? I did as a kid. Yum those bite fulls of chemicals. Then the Tupperware would get a bit bent out of shape, but no big deal it must be safe. Here is a very definitive article that came out yesterday on Phthalates and BPA in plastic causing hypothyroidism.

If anyone is still using plastic containers to store food you should do your health a favor and get them out of the kitchen. They’d make good use as storage containers for non-food items, but really you shouldn’t store food in them. Especially anything that is warm or hot. A great option is to purchase those GlassLock containers. There are several different brands. We love this one, but anyone is probably good. You can also get them at BJ’s and Cotsco or a kitchen supply store. The benefit of these containers beyond being able to put hot/warm food in it without causing health damage is that they do not leak. If you take them to work you there is no need to worry about something spilling out of your container and ruining your bag.

This information also sheds light as to why infertility and miscarriages seem all too common occurrences. The article doesn’t address fertility directly but it is known that chemical burden is a big cause of reproduction issues. These hormone disruptors in plastics we’ve been using for a good part of our life have major impact on our endocrine system and hormone feedback systems. The evidence is unequivocal, no matter how special interest groups try to spin it.

The other concern I have is take out food. On the rare occasions I do stop at the local Thai place to get takeout on my walk home from the office I look at those black plastic containers carrying my hot dinner. It cannot be healthy.

So say goodbye to plastics and replace in your home with glass containers. It is an investment worth every penny and more.

Yours In Health,

George Mandler CNS LDN LicAc
Certified Nutrition Specialsit
Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist
Licensed Acupuncturist Certified Chinese Herbalist

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