Chinese Medicine & Epidemics 2

Traditionally practiced Chinese Medicine with diagnostic differentiation has been used for millennia to treat many of the same diseases we see today. it is frustrating to me that Chinese Medicine is not part of the conversation to help ameliorate Covid-19 severity. I am certain 100% in my heart that Chinese […]


Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

A meta-analysis of previously published acupuncture research articles  has concluded that acupuncture is effective for a number of chronic pain conditions.   The new meta-analysis incorporated data from 20,827 patients over 39 acupuncture trials. In four of every five RCTs, patients underwent between six and fifteen acupuncture sessions. The majority of […]

Acupuncture Increases Lives Births Around Embryo Transfer

The “Paulus” study from 2002 demonstrated that acupuncture performed in the IVF clinic before and after an embryo transfer increased pregnancy rates. There have been many attempts to recreate the “Paulus” protocol around embryo transfer using the same or similar acupuncture points. Some were able to reproduce and some failed. […]