Patient Reviews

    • *Multiple Sclerosis & Digestive Disorders – Acupuncture & Nutrition
      “Using acupuncture and nutrition, you helped me recover after my hospitalization. More importantly, you’ve helped me to minimize symptoms associated with the MS and develop a diet that helps me stay healthy.

      Yesterday I realized that I shovel, ski, skate, etc. with effort but not at the expense of being able to go about my business of caring for the kids, meals, etc. That’s huge. Thanks for helping me regain that!”Kim S. Brookline, MA

      *Gastroparesis & Reflux – Acupuncture & Nutrition
      “After receiving my diagnosis of gastroparesis from my doctor, I found there were really no treatment options other than the drug Reglan…When I came to see George I was taking 40mg Omeprazole per day to stop the burn associated with gastroparesis. Much to my amazement after 4 treatments I was able to get off of my medication completely.
      As an added benefit of acupuncture my general overall being has improved greatly. I sleep better and feel rested in the morning and have a much more relaxed feeling overall. George, I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back!”Cindy B, Web Guru, Marlborough,MA

      *Gastroparesis & Reflux for 12 years – Acupuncture & Nutrition
      “I went through a battery of tests for the past decade as I was diagnosed with gastroparesis as well as GERD, but the doctors could never agree why I felt ill. I was on Prilosec for the previous 5 years before seeing George in the Spring of 2010. During the first visit George explained to me the side effects of long term Prilosec. He assured me that I’d soon be able to get off it if I followed his suggestions. I took herbal medicine he prescribed and made dietary changes. I also had 4 very relaxing acupuncture sessions. Within 2 weeks my GERD was greatly reduced and within 5 weeks I was symptom free and eating foods I haven’t been able to eat for over 10 years. I feel as if I have my life back and am grateful that my friend that told me about George. I highly recommend George for any digestive issue similar to mine.”Richard N, Software Engineer, Framingham, MA

      *Intestinal Blockage Post-Op – Functional Nutrition
      By the summer of 2009, I was thoroughly weakened by repeated surgeries to repair the damage done to me by my treatment for rectal cancer. In the late fall of 2009, I found myself confronting additional serious problems. I had two intestinal blockages, each of which was cleared, but the combination of which raised serious questions. There seemed to be no option other than more surgery– a triple-header operation to put in a colostomy, clear whatever was causing the blockages and repair a hernia. At my age, 82, surgery on top of surgery had already taken an enormous toll on me. Survival itself was in question.

      At this point, I was advised to see George Mandler in his capacity as a nutritionist. Within 6 months he managed to bring me to a level which has made management of my intestines possible and without any of the prescription medications I had been using. My GI specialist cannot believe what George has accomplished. My surgeon is delighted. My oncologist could not be more pleased. My general practitioner is truly relieved. With the use of conservative diet management and the use of selected nutritional measures, a steadily growing improvement of bowel function has followed. All of this has been accomplished with respect for my wants and needs. George Mandler’s personal understanding, insight, and expertise have clearly changed my life. And most importantly, there is no longer any need for surgery!!!G Black, Professor Emeritus, Newton, MA

      *Colitis – Acupuncture & Nutrition
      “I so appreciate all you’ve done for me as you’ve added years to my life! If I had followed my doctor’s advice I would’ve had surgery and gone down a path of who knows where…I am so grateful for all you’ve done for me and have helped me improve my digestion and overall health. It has been tremendous a benefit to my entire family. Thank You George! – Ari”Ari M. Marketing Director, Arlington,MA

      *”As an athlete and a health conscious person living with colitis, I have found George’s nutritional advice and hands-on healing incredibly valuable. George possesses profound practical knowledge about the body’s complex systems as well as a deep intuitive wisdom that enables him to identify the root of a person’s imbalance. With George’s help, I have learned how to live, eat, work and play in healthier and more sustainable ways!”Amy H, Personal Chef and Triathlete, Newton, MA

      *Fatigue & Digestive Disorders – Nutrition
      “I was a bit reluctant when I started my sessions with George because I thought I already followed a healthy diet. Surprisingly, after only a month of following directions, I felt my entire digestive system change. For the first time in a long while, it was silent and relaxed. I had no idea that the symptoms I was suffering from were related to what I was eating. In turn, I now sleep better, have more energy, and when I get sick it doesn’t last as long.”Tom Schorn, Graphic Designer, Boston, MA

      *Osteoporosis – Nutrition
      “I began consulting with George for my nutritional needs after a severe bout with pneumonia about a year ago which had left me with lingering fatigue. His suggestions and nutrition program helped so very much to increase my energy, stamina and immune function. He is a remarkably gentle, caring individual, who carefully reviews your medical history before suggesting a specific nutritional program individualized to your specific health needs. The most amazing thing was that after being under George’s care for about six months I had my regular bone density test. To quote the report I received back from the hospital ‘There was a dramatic increase in my bone density.’ The only thing I had done differently was to follow George’s nutrition program, so I believe he deserves all the credit for the ‘Dramatic Improvement.'”Ginny F., Office Manager, Maynard, MA

      *Labor & Postpartum Recovery – Nutrition
      “My work with George has been renewing. I was so depleted after my daughter was born. George really listened to the complexities of my situation and over time has provided nutritional counseling to help me rebuild my strength, memory, digestion and health.”Rachel R., Executive, Framingham,MA

    • *Pregnancy Induced Hypertension & Induction- Acupuncture & Nutrition
      “George you’re amazing! My water broke at 10:10pm on Friday and she was born Saturday at 3:41pm. I managed to go natural the whole way, pushed for 3 hours, we’re both totally healthy and happy. I credit you…thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!” Angela C, Boston, MA

      *PCOS and Infertility – Acupuncture
      “In July 2007 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and recommended hormonal treatment by my gynecologist. As I did not feel ready to go this way, my husband and I decided that I should to try acupuncture.
      In November 2007 I began acupuncture treatment with George Mandler. For 2 1/2 months I had weekly appointments, which were not only relaxing and enjoyable but also helped me get back into a good balance. After having had irregular periods for almost a year, they came back – the combination of the acupuncture and George’s knowledgeable advice for dietary changes worked tremendously. I appreciated his calm and reflective approach to Eastern medicine and Western science, as well as the peaceful atmosphere in the clinic.
      I became pregnant in Feb 2008 and I am feeling fantastic. I am very thankful for the treatments and have no hesitation recommending George.”Margaret D., Cambridge, MA

      *Pregnancy Support – Acupuncture
      “I want to thank you for your support through my pregnancy- I felt so much better after beginning treatment with you and am so glad for that – it made a huge difference in how I look back on the pregnancy.” Rebecca P, Stow, MA

      *Postpartum Recovery – Acupuncture & Nutrition
      “I started regular treatments with George shortly after I gave birth–not only were the sessions incredibly relaxing and restorative, but George’s in depth knowledge of nutrition was invaluable in helping me to rebuild my energy and gently guide me through dietary changes after twenty years as a vegetarian. I can not thank him enough for his generous attention and expertise.

      George is a rare and wonderful resource for those of us who like to learn as we heal. He has a remarkable ability to investigate and explain case histories from both Eastern and Western perspectives, and use the best of each to promote wellness for his clients.”Sara L, Lincoln, MA

      *Back Pain – Acupuncture
      “I never received an acupuncture treatment from any one in my life so I was a bit nervous. However, my very first acupuncture experience with George was a complete pleasure. I felt that he was very in tune with how my body was feeling and problems that I was even unaware of. When I first went to him my lower and middle back were always causing me pain on a regular basis. After one treatment from him I was far more comfortable and significantly more relaxed. After the second treatment I have been resolved of any back pain since then. Beyond my back pain I was very happy with how comfortable he made me feel during treatments. George also did a very good post treatment follow up. I would not hesitate recommending him to any one for acupuncture.”Jim “The Farmer” Buckle, Brookline MA

      “Hi George,I felt great! You did such a fab job on my back…I felt great…you’re a miracle worker!” – Laura”Laura W., Executive, Newton,MA*

      *Sports Injury – Acupuncture
      “After severely dislocating my elbow in a soccer accident, I found George. He helped me heal leaps and bounds faster than other people I was seeing. His work greatly helped to reduce my inflammation, pain and improve my range of motion. I think his work is so unique because he is like having 4 practitioners in one. His breadth of knowledge with multidisciplinary techniques is immense. He draws on this knowledge as he works and it allows him great flexibly. For example, if a technique wasn’t working, he had many other options under his sleeve, and would easily switch what he was doing to best suit you. He actually listened and had many ideas, therefore he would eventually find the perfect technique for that day! Amazing! I felt a muscle melt under his needle, like butter! Thank you George!”
      -Cami Walsh, Polarity Therapist Jamaica Plain, MA

      “When I recently injured my knee such that I could not raise myself from a seated position without excruciating pain, I went to George for an acupuncture treatment. My pain almost completely subsided the same day of treatment, and completely disappeared two days after treatment. I say that George is an acupuncture genius. He just knows how to combine his intuition with the science of acupuncture to create healing.”David K Physicist & Researcher, Cambridge, MA

      *Pleurisy & Bursitis – Acupuncture
      “Hi George! I just wanted to let you know that as of today, I am completely pain free!!! thank you very much, I rapidly improved after our session of acupuncture. I am so grateful for your knowledge and skill.
      Sincerely, Kerin”Kerin H., Maynard, MA

      *Difficulty Sleeping/Menopausal Symptoms – Acupuncture & Nutrition
      “George is a master of his craft! He knows his nutrition like no one I have ever met and in one short week I find myself feeling better than I have in several years! With George’s guidance and knowledge, my original symptom (in this case, poor sleep) has improved 100%, and I feel better overall, more than just rested. George is a gifted healer.”D.S., Psychologist, Boston MA

      “George is very nice and friendly and he is very calm and gentle, and that is what I like about hi and he has a good personality.”Miriam, , Lincoln MA

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