COVID-19 – Chinese Medicine Resources

COVID-19 – Chinese Medicine ResourcesChinese Medicine is based on observing our connection to the world around us. It is a sophisticated medicine and the oldest known personalized medicine in the world. In fact the primary herbal medicine books upon which Chinese herbal medicine stands called the Shang Han Za Bing Lun ( 傷寒雜病論, “On Cold Damage and Miscellaneous Diseases” ~AD220) was written at a time of epidemic just as we are experiencing today.

It is a given that information coming out of current day China cannot be trusted.   One of my first Chinese herbal teachers said “Never trust anything about China” as she lived through the government oppressions of the 1950’s and1960s.  However the resources I have listed on this page and have been studying are credible as they are known sources of information without government involvement.  I stand on the shoulders of these doctors who have clinical experience this devastating disease presentation and progression. They have experienced Chinese herbal medicine to be extremely effective at helping the body recover from this infection.  I have also been daily consulting with colleagues about our COVID-19 cases so have seen how the symptoms rapidly progress and change.

Chinese herbal medicine helps restore the body’s natural function so it can fight the infection.  It does not replace treatment from your physician – if you have symptoms please notify your doctor immediately.

If you would like to make an appointment please click here and we will set up a video intake.  A customized formula will be mailed out that day or you can pick up in the Stow office.

For your own education below are examples of how Chinese medicine treats can help keep people out of hospitals and off ventilators.  There are recordings, case studies, Powerpoints which show the detail and complexity to individualized treatments:

Disclaimer – I am not a medical doctor. I have Master’s degree in Nutrition and Chinese Medicine. Please consult your physician before doing anything for prevention or treatment of COVID-19, and please seek the help of a physician immediately if you believe you may have COVID-19.