Covid-19 Video Teleconsults Contact Info

I have 100% confidence that proper Chinese Medicine can relieve a tremendous amount of suffering and keep people off ventilators and out of the hospitals.  Proper Chinese Medicine utilizes individualized customized formulas to restore proper function.  The formulas are not treating Covid-19 or acting as an anti-viral per se.   Chinese Medicine looks at an individual pattern and helps restore function to reduce suffering. 

I see practitioners selling off the shelf Yin Qiao San or ‘anti-viral’ herbs such coptidis, isatis, lonicerea or immune-boosting products.   Taking these anti-viral Chinese medicinal for ‘prevention’ is a bad idea.   Taking them if you start coming down with symptoms can make things worse just like an inhaler.  Be cautious about what is out there.    Just because it is natural or “anti-viral” does not mean it is the proper medicine.

The sooner symptoms are treated with Chinese Herbal medicine the better the results.   There is no one formula and people will need different formulas as the disease moves from one stage to the next.   I can only consult with people who are within 1 days shipping as herbs need to be taken immediately because Covid-19 can progress rapidly..

During the COVID-19 Physical Distancing outbreak I will be offering Video Tele medicine consults at a reduce cost.

Costs for sessions:

Front line professions such as Physicians, Nurses, EMT, Paramedics, Police  herbal consults are free.

Out of pocket:  Nutrition or Herbal consults are prorated at $85/hr. (reduced from normal $150/hr). Initial consults can be from 30-60 minutes.   Followups are usually 15 mins.

Insurance: BCBS and Cigna covers my nutrition services if your plan covers nutrition.  If you have acupuncture coverage I can bill for a video evaluation & management.  (Cigna, Aetna, UHC)

Medical Savings accounts – HSA/FSA etc can be used for payments.


Use the contact form below or call 617-913-5970 to schedule an appointment.



    Disclaimer – I am not a medical doctor. I have Master’s degree in Nutrition and Chinese Medicine. Please consult your physician before doing anything for prevention or treatment of COVID-19, and please seek the help of a physician immediately if you believe you may have COVID-19.