Covid Safety Procedures in Stow Office


Reopening Safety Procedures &
Strategies for Prevention

Reopening Safety Procedures in Stow, MA

I have have been treating patients since May 26 in  Stow, MA and since July at OMNamo Center in Cambridge, MA.

There is a minimum 1 hour between room use:

  • I have 3 treatment rooms  and will be rotating those rooms so when you enter it will have been at minimum 1 hour since the last patient has left.  Likely it will be 1.5 hours or more.
  • You will enter a treatment room that has been aired out and sanitized for at minimum 60 minutes prior to entering.
  • The table, pillows and any touchable surface will be sanitized with CDC approved spray. The room window will be opened and the air purifier run for circulation or the ozone machine will be run and then the room aired out.
  • I am using cleanable anti-microbial vinyl pillow case covers and single use table paper.

Maximum of 3 people in suite: Linda Reynolds and I will not be seeing patients in the office at the same time.  So there will typically be a maximum of 3 people at once time in our 1600 square foot office.

Waiting Room: There is no waiting room.    Come in at the time of your appointment.    If you arrive early please stay in your car.  You can text me 617.913.5970 to inquire if you can come in early should there be an open room slot.

Entering: Of course everyone needs to be wearing as mask as it has been shown to substantially reduce transmission risk.
The office door will be propped open as are the upstairs doors.  The only door handle you will touch upon entering are the lobby doors.

Your Due Diligence:
  • Please take your temperature before your appointment and if it is above a 99 then please cancel.
  • Last minute cancellations due to potential infection are fine.  Text me 617 913 5970.
  • Also if you suspect you may have come in contact with an infected person please cancel your appointment and wait 14 days post contact.

Intake: A brief intake will occur when you enter the room before treatment. For new patients or if you feel you require a longer intake we will schedule a Telehealth meeting prior to your appointment.  This will reduce mask to mask transmission time

Front Desk & Payment:There is no front desk service.  Payments will be made via a credit card on file. (many of you already have this).  Or leave a check already filled out.  Or leave cash, gold bars or winning lottery tickets.

Scheduling:  This can be done via email,  text or phone.  [email protected]. 617.913.5970. Current Acupuncture hours are: Tue/Fri 9-4.   Mon/Thurs 3-6

Caretakers/Drivers: If someone requires assistance coming into the office then a caretaker may come in as well.  The caretaker will stay in the treatment room if they do not wish to wait in the car.

General Cleaning activities:

  • All surface areas are cleaned at the end of the day.
  • All rooms where a patient has touched will be cleaned before the next patient comes into the room.
  • Each night an ozone generator is run in the office.  Ozone generators are dangerous and a carcinogen, but it is very effective against viruses.  It is being run on a timer at midnight for 2 hours with windows cracked to help airflow.
  • My hands are washed after each patient contact (pulse reading, palpation or needling) I also use hand sanitizer more than my hands care for.
I trust that these measure will greatly reduce any chance of indoor SARS transmission.

General Protection Options

These certainly are not foolproof, but besides wearing a surgical mask to reduce exposure these may help reduce a virus from replicating should you come into contact with SARS-Cov-2.

Zinc Acetate lozenges – There is some good evidence that these help reduce viral replication of other coronaviruses.  Life Extension is the only one that makes one and they are huge pills for some reason.  It is easier to find is a zinc gluconate or zinc citrate lozenge and it is likely they work as well.  Sucking on one of these after you have been socialing is a low risk high potential gain strategy.   (Make sure you have eaten that day else zinc can cause nausea).

Povidone Iodine 10% (can get at CVS)
(This idea is from Chris Masterjohn PhD)
Povidone-iodine has a long track record of safe use as an antiseptic, and is commonly used in the medical field. Recently, it was shown to completely inactivate the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in 60 seconds, using a 0.5% solution that is known to be safe to mucous membranes.

Dilute 1 part iodine to 19 parts water to make a 0.5% solution.  For example use 1 Tablespoon of Povidone iodine to 19 Tablespoons of water and put in a container to make 10 ounces of solution.  You can use a cotton swab to apply in the nose before heading out or afterwards.   You can also swish/gargle with it for 1 minute after you have been in a higher risk situation.

We have a short window where we can make Vitamin D in the northeast.  Get outside with arms and legs exposed and sun directly overhead around 10-2 position.  Most of us will make abundant IUs of Vitamin D.   (From September – April I suggest somewhere between 1000-5000IU of Vit D w/K2 daily depending on your current levels.)

Covid-19 Support if you know of someone that is ill:
If you know of anyone that contracts Covid-19 please have them call me for a teleconsult for customized Chinese Herbal formulas.  I have treated several people with Covid-19 and all have responded excellent to the herbal formulas.  They have all stated it lessened the severity and duration of symptoms.
It is disappointing that Chinese medicine is not in the conversation for helping reduce symptom severity and duration. I know in my heart Chinese Herbal Medicine will help keep people out of hospitals.
See more here:   Chinese Medicine and Epidemics