The Health Impact of Sugar

We all collectively pay a high price for the glutton of sugar fed to us through marketingThe sugar addiction starts with children and it may even start sooner with infant formulas. The worst offender is fructose, especially the high fructose corn syrup which is known to cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

I believe for most of us that are healthy sugar intake is about moderation.  But how do you measure health?   What is moderation?  Almost everyone that comes to see me that eats more than 1 non-fruit sugary substance per day may be eating too much. (Everyone that comes to see me has some sort of health issue going on and sugar is a main disruptor of health).     Most often folks are resistant to change.   They do not believe they can live without their sugar at 3pm.   They do not believe if they stop eating sugar for 1 month then they will no longer want it.  Try not eating sugar for 1 month (1-2 pieces of fruit per day are fine).   After 1 month eat whatever your favorite sweet snack was.  I’ll bet it is going to taste too sweet and you cannot eat it.

So why is sugar so bad?   In moderation it is fine if we are healthy and can stay in balance.  So at celebrations or special events eating small amounts in community is fine.   However eating it everyday is going overboard and throwing your body out of balance.   It can lead to the obvious such as obesity or the not so obvious as immune system issues as sugar can reduce white blood cell count.   It also appears to put people on the sugar roller coaster whereby if they have sugar on Monday then they need it on Tuesday.   And those sugary morning cereals marketed to kids are the absolute worst – all carbohydrates and little protein.  Not the breakfast of champions.

Gary Taubes just wrote an article in the NYT magazine entitle “Is Sugar Toxic”.  It is a great read.   He also posts the link to Robert H. Lustig, MD, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” talk.   Both great bits of information although I still believe a little is OK.

So how do people get off the sugar roller coaster?   One way is to make sure the body is balanced in its minerals.   There are several good products out there that contain good bioavailable minerals such as from Designs for Health and BodyBio.   Also making sure you have good protein at each meal.  Protein can help balance the blood sugars -especially in the morning.  For some people having a whey protein shake or nuts at 3pm instead of sugar can work well to kick the habit.    Clinically it does seem that many people can feel a lot better quickly if they just reduce the sugar.

Have a sweet day.

Yours In Health,

George Mandler

Licensed Acupuncturist

Licensed Dietitian

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