C-Section Delivery Increases Risks of Childhood Obesity

My wife, Joy, and I work with many prenatal women. We certainly honor the birthing choices our clients would like however we also try to educate regarding options. Many people. including us feel the C-Section rate (over 33% in the Boston area) is a bit out of control.

C-Sections are absolutely necessary. C-sections have saved tens of thousands of lives, both baby and mother. However 1 out of every 3 births do not require a C-Section as is shown by the lower C-Section rates of Toby Hospital in Wareham and the Mt Auburn Midwives.   An emergency procedure has turned into almost a standard of care because of many factors.

C-Sections come with known side effects as they have been attributed to compromised immune systems because the baby does not get the bacteria as it passes through the birth canal. Today a study was released that was carried out at Children’s hospital in Boston to determine if a C-section delivery increases the risk factor for childhood obesity.

What this study concluded was that: “Infants delivered by caesarean section may be at increased risk of childhood obesity.”

In case you ask the study did adjust scores based on a mother’s pre-pregnancy weight as being overweight or obese increases chances of having a C-section and the risk of having an overweight or obese child.

Nature intended us to follow certain rules for a reason. It seems when we try to be smarter than nature (chemicals, GMO, C-section) there are consequences.   Here are 5 ways to avoid a C-section so you can have a better birthing experience.

Yours In Health,

George Mandler

Licensed Acupuncturist

Licensed Dietitian / Nutritionist

Certified Nutrition Specialist


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