EWG Releases New Produce Shopper's Guide


The Environmental Working Group has released the new shopper’s guide.   They have a “Dirty Dozen” produce items that need to be purchased organic and “clean 15” that have low residues of pesticides. EWG Releases New Produce Shopper's Guide I was surprised to see corn as #2 on the “Clean 15” list since any non-organic corn is almost guaranteed to contain genetically modified protein sequences that have unknown physiological effects.   However then I read the preamble to the list where they suggest purchasing organic corn if we are concerned about GMO.   We all need to be concerned about GMO foods.You can download the complete guide here. Apples now top the list overtaking strawberries.   Grapes as always are near the top of the list.  Seems that Whole Foods sells a lot of organic grapes, I wonder if they have a better supplier and test for residues.   U of Maine has a recommendation for washing produce.

Buying organic makes a lot of sense.   Buy local this time of year in the northeast makes even more sense.  Know your farmer and how they use pesticides.   There are plenty of local organic farms around, but the majority of farmers still use chemical applications.

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