Fish Oil During Pregnancy Can Prevent Asthma in Offspring

There have been several studies over the past few years that suggest taking fish oil during pregnancy is a must.   Any acupuncture or nutrition patient I see that is pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant I always suggest that they get a good fish oil supplement.    Now another study was just released that began in 1990 with 533 pregnant women at week 30 who were assigned to 3 groups. One group received 4g fish oil (for a total of 2.7g of omega-3/day), one group received 4g of olive oil/day, and one group received no capsules and no intervention.    After 16 years the number of cases of asthma were reduced by 63% and allergic asthma cases were reduced by 87% in the fish oil group.  Therefore the authors concluded that fish oils may help prevent asthma in offspring assuming that olive oil doesn’t cause asthma.

What is amazing about this study is that they didn’t start giving the fish oils until the 30th week!!!  There have been other studies showing that fish oil can improve visual acuity.  And there are several studies showing that maternal fish oils helps boost IQ as well.  Unless you are a vegetarian (and even if you are) there is little reason not to take fish oils during pregnancy.  I can say that the children I see that have asthma or eczema often have mother’s that did not take fish oils during pregnancy or ate many inflammatory fats. (mostly vegetable oils).   So please if you are pregnant please take fish oils!

I’ve been having my wife Joy take high DHA fish oils throughout pregnancy as well as excellent nutrition supplements and she has been getting plenty of acupuncture too.  Based on all the positive research I fully expect that he’ll be out of the house and in college by the age of 8.  OK I’m kidding, but hey I sure don’t expect him to have inflammtory conditions such skin conditions or asthma.    So think fish oils for good maternal and offspring health!

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