Fortification of Vitamin D Well Above Normal Level Proves Beneficial

There is an increasing awareness how a large percentage of the population is vitamin D deficient and the ill health effects caused by inadequate Vitamin D levels. If someones blood work comes back as below 30ng/ml I usually dose them with at least 10,000IU/day for 3 weeks then cut down to 5000IU/day for a couple of weeks then wait a week of no supplementation and retest. I usually hear comments about vitamin D toxicity, but as BU researcher Michael Holick has stated – “doctors have never seen a vitamin D toxicity – it is all theory”.

There was just a study released last week that looked at supplementing nursing home residents with 5000IU for one year.   The results showed that there was no toxicity and bone density for both the lumbar and hip increased significantly.    So if you think you are doing good by taking 400IU in your multivitamin it probably isn’t doing much to help you in the winter months.  Get your levels checked and if you need to use a high dosage short term that is the best choice.

In Health,
George Mandler
Licensed Acupuncturist
Licensed Dietitian
Maynard, MA & Cambridge, MA

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