Where should I go to Acupuncture school?

acupuncture needles and textbook Copyright: huandi / 123RF Stock Photo

People have asked over the years “where should I go to acupuncture school?”.  “Should I go to NESA?”.     First off acupuncture is only one branch of Chinese Medicine which encompasses over 2000 of written herbal history and case studies.  In addition to acupuncture and herbs Chinese Medicine includes diet therapy, cupping, moxibustion, gua sha,  and the internal arts to name the most common modalities.   It is a complete medicine with a comprehensive physiology explaining how the body systems work together.

In answer to the above question my usual reply is that graduating from a Chinese Medicine school is only a first step in a commitment to lifelong learning.  Practicing Chinese Medicine is not a ‘job’ it is a lifestyle to continually study the depth of this rich medicine to help others. One can delve deeper and deeper still as there is an infinite well of study potential. This is why they call it a practice.

I connected with the blog post of a brilliant contemporary master.  His explanation that Chinese Medicine school is a ‘cover charge’ and that graduating gives you the right to further study the medicine is spot on. If you are thinking about going to Chinese Medicine school this is a must read:  http://www.traditionalstudies.org/where-should-i-go-to-chinese-medicine-school-which-is-the-best-school/


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