Reduce Colds By Staying Fit

Back during my high school football days I recall Coach V. always giving players an earful if they missed school because they were sick. If we missed school we were not allowed to practice and if we missed school on a Friday we were not supposed to play on a Saturday. He’d say “You are supposed to be in shape, how can you get sick? If you were in better shape you wouldn’t get sick”.
Coach was also about 150lbs overweight and died a decade ago of a massive MI in his early 60’s. But he was right. We have all hear about exercise benefits and a research article just published proves that being fit reduces the number of colds one gets as well as the duration of colds. Now this was self-reporting so there is probably a psychological component as well, but so what. It proves exercise makes you physiologically and psychologically more fit. So go get yourself an excellent trainer and reduce your sick time.

Yours In Health,
George Mandler
Licensed Dietitian
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Licensed Acupuncturist

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