The Effects of Processed Foods

Yesterday I watched a phenomenal webinar on the effects of food chemicals and child behavior. It was entitled “Driven to Distraction: Food, chemicals and child behavior” and hosted by an organization that is worth knowing, Healthy Food Action.   The webinar was recorded and they promise to have it up soon, once they do I’ll post a link.

Today a video with a similar theme was posted on a Functional Medicine listserv I am on. If you want to see digestion of wholesome foods vs. processed foods you need to check out this video. Amazing how long long those Ramen noodles are intact in the stomach. I guess we can also just use a compost bin to compare processed vs. whole instead of expensive technology.

Given the work I do with food sensitivities I am convinced that the garbage processed ‘foods’ with dyes and chemicals are playing a large role in the behavioral and emotional imbalances that seem to be running rampant. Undigested foods can cause damage to the gut lining and cause inappropriate immune response and food sensitivities.  I see first hand via MRT blood testing that everyone reacts differently to the same foods.  What is one person’s nectar is another person’s poison.

Weekly I hear patient’s report often how happier and mentally clearer they feel after following an oligoantigenic diet (low antigen diet) determined by food sensitivity testing.  Food antigens often cause inflammation which in turn can cause inflammation in the brain leading to depression, ADD, ADHD, brain fog, dementia etc.  These foods we are talking about eliminating are so called healthy foods, it just so happens that a person is reactive to them.  Now imagine what the body will do when exposed over and over to chemicals that is has no idea how to handle!  That is what is discussed in the “Driven to Distraction: Food, chemicals and child behavior” webinar. But until that is available chew your noodles (and everything else!) really well!

Yours In Health,
George Mandler
Licensed Acupuncturist
Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist

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