USDA Organic Label – Not Necessarily High Quality

There was an insightful interview on NPR’s “Here and Now” regarding the corruption within the USDA organic standards.   Before the government took over labeling of the organic standards there was no big business involved.  It was only small farmers who held the spirit of the organic food movement.  Some states had their own labeling.   But now that the USDA is involved and big box stores are selling organics, not because they believe organic food is good for you, but in the name of profit, the ‘organic’ standard has become green washed.



Listen to the interview here:

Eden foods is the only canned brand of beans that I purchase and suggest to my patients.  They are by far a much better quality than any other canned bean on the market.  They have also been BPA free as they felt BPA was dangerous before it became a known acronym several years ago.   In my opinion Eden is probably the only company I completely trust their quality.   You can taste the difference too.

The carrageenan argument is also interesting.  I do not know enough on the subject as there is data pointing to both sides.  However the government told us for years that regular mammograms were safe, but people of the same spirit as the ones arguing that carrageenan is not safe were saying mammograms were not safe.  Our government and special interest groups argue otherwiseNow recently we see that mammograms do cause harm.     Until there is labeling of the type of carrageenan used in a product I would at least minimize its use.



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